Daffodil International School

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Special attention on presentation and communication

Individual talents of the children are nourished and celebrated here, thus enabling them to reach fruition. At the Daffodil International School we encourage individual self-discovery and self-expression that values honesty and civility among all members of the school community.

Why Daffodil International School?

The CIE curriculum at DIS is enriched by our CIE certified facilitators/teachers offering personalised guidance and mentoring to our students. The facilitators at DIS undergo face-to-face and online training to enable them to upgrade themselves in CIE syllabus, mark schemes, and examiner’s report etc.
We promote a teaching approach based on positive achievement which is brought out through a variety of teaching strategies like Teacher-led whole class learning, Group and Individual work, Games and imaginative play, and Practical work. These strategies address different learning styles, as well as the development of thinking skills, independence, risk-taking and creativity. We have smart boards installed in all classrooms to help teachers impart quality education to our students.